Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My World The World Our World

people hatin' an fakin'
don't be creatin' just takin'
people shootin' and lyin'
sittin' there watchin' people dyin'
gangster flippin' twistin'
pistol wippin'
others robbin' and stealin'
people wit feelings
why? dat ain't right, dat ain't cool
blacks in jail? this ain't how we rep our hood
pitbulls repin' the anger we got inside
dreams turn into nightmares that come alive
police knockin' down doors
babies being born
black life that symbolize the rap life
they knew we had to come from the hood
with nines on our side
ridin down the street wit no lights on
killin' somebodies fathers, brothers, mothers, and sons
gettin' hit by bullets and watchin' them run
you ain't got no right to take another life
but you do it
mothers cryin', sayin' oh y?

By Shanique Williams

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