Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcom to one of Working Playgrounds' My world ArtSpace blogs!

This blog is apart of an in school Spoken Word MY WORLD model program at MS 271. Please take a moment to ponder our essential question as you view this blog:

How can I educate and inspire the world, and how does the world educate and inspire me?

Below is our Foundation Statement. This is the premise that our poetry and spoken word works will be built upon. Check it out!

Understanding that language can be manipulated and interpreted to say and mean whatever one chooses it to, students will engage in, in depth discussions, journaling, free writing and essaying to bring organization to thoughts, ideas, and concepts about their world and the worlds that affect them. Students will be exposed to various forms of poetry and will be challenged to translate their work into poetry and even further into spoken word as they gain an understanding of the art of language. By researching and analyzing events in history that changed the world and how the poets of these times expressed their feelings about their world and the world beyond them, our class will focus on using their poetry to change their world and the world in which they live. Also, students will become familiar with modern day poets and rappers who use language to express themselves, their world and the world, and will draw parallels between past and present poetry and spoken word art and artists. Students will participate in several small projects including a class share, spoken word performance, and a culminating collaborative performance with the other groups in their network. At the conclusion of the semester, our students will have a greater understanding of who they are, where they fit in the world and how to express their thoughts and feelings about themselves as well as how to translate these feelings into healthy actions toward educating and inspiring the world.

We hope you enjoy your journey through our world. We aim to educate and inspire, so please let us know if you feel us.

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