Saturday, February 2, 2008

what's your choice? Any and Everything? My World by Quadasia

If I could change anything in my world
it would be short problems and throwing them out the window
turning right instead of left
and not just being Russian, but just being me

If I could change anything in my world
it would be royalty, Kings and Queens of all race and color
Paradise everywhere you look, instead of urine
and money wouldn't be the key to all doors

If I could change anything in my world
it would be a train
life can take you to any stop you would like to start
you would be able to take any and everything you want
you would be able to do anything that tumbles your way
"First stop in life on train anywhere is school."
Next stop Bed Stuy, Flatbush, Flushing, Fort Greene,
Brownsville, or home
But you decide

Food by Jonathan

Food- it makes me feel good
Food- I Love It
Food- it makes my stomach flip
Food- it makes me want to scream
Food- My favorite is Chinese
Food- I love wontons
Food- I love lo mein
Food- I love the chicken
Food- I just love food

Hurt me by Keijwana

what you dish out on me
hurt me
you don't even care
people got the nerve to say
sticks and stonez
will break my bonez
but words don't hurt
words do hurt
think before you speak
because words just might kill

My World by Naiquan

living in peace and harmony
getting along with one another
be graceful and joyful to live another day

thinking of music to express yourself

get on your knees and pray to God
being afraid of dying, it's not your fault
everyone will experience it at a certain age

depending on your family and friends
is not always good, but depending on God,
he will grant your hope

being a wrestler pays you a lot of money
but being a Man of God will grant your wishes

Life is Life by Shadaya

life won't set u free
life's gonna cause trouble
It will be big like a fat bubble
ready to pop when it's too big
when u eat he will laugh and say
u li'l pig
life is complicated
but not really, if you stay out of trouble
mind ya business
don't talk sit back relax
everything will be fine
don't go getting ya nose stuck in her behind
she gonna say, "i'll move"
then you will say
"girl please, ya snooze ya loose
ok now you see my point
all the conflicts you can get in
think, don't just try to fit in
understand whats going on
it's just bright to do right

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Constitutional Times

Back then, in the 1700, people were wearing baggy clothes, with holes in them. The women wore rags or towels on there heads. When it would rain, or when winter time came people wore shoes with holes in them. Even if they were in the war. They had to use barrels to make fire to keep warm, so everybody could stay alive.

When the British fought with the Colonies. . . The British were bringing in more soldiers to fight the Colonies. When the people at the court house over heard, they got every child and mother out of the village and sailed to Virginia.

At that time I realized, where are my parents? Where are my sister and brother? Why don't I have anybody to lean or cry on, or eat with? I was a 13 year old girl wearing rags, a dirtied holey dress with holes in my shoes. I didn't have any body in my life. At that time I had to do everything for myself. It was hard at first but I had to do it. When I was hungry, I always had to ask people for money to get something to eat. Every time I beg, white people would always throw dirt or beat me with a whip, or make me do something that I did not want to do. As I wake up, I realize that today isn't the year 1700 and I am glad, cause if it were, us black people would be in a lot of trouble. We would be starving and have a hard time to live.

By Kettly Kearney

My World The World Our World

people hatin' an fakin'
don't be creatin' just takin'
people shootin' and lyin'
sittin' there watchin' people dyin'
gangster flippin' twistin'
pistol wippin'
others robbin' and stealin'
people wit feelings
why? dat ain't right, dat ain't cool
blacks in jail? this ain't how we rep our hood
pitbulls repin' the anger we got inside
dreams turn into nightmares that come alive
police knockin' down doors
babies being born
black life that symbolize the rap life
they knew we had to come from the hood
with nines on our side
ridin down the street wit no lights on
killin' somebodies fathers, brothers, mothers, and sons
gettin' hit by bullets and watchin' them run
you ain't got no right to take another life
but you do it
mothers cryin', sayin' oh y?

By Shanique Williams