Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Constitutional Times

Back then, in the 1700, people were wearing baggy clothes, with holes in them. The women wore rags or towels on there heads. When it would rain, or when winter time came people wore shoes with holes in them. Even if they were in the war. They had to use barrels to make fire to keep warm, so everybody could stay alive.

When the British fought with the Colonies. . . The British were bringing in more soldiers to fight the Colonies. When the people at the court house over heard, they got every child and mother out of the village and sailed to Virginia.

At that time I realized, where are my parents? Where are my sister and brother? Why don't I have anybody to lean or cry on, or eat with? I was a 13 year old girl wearing rags, a dirtied holey dress with holes in my shoes. I didn't have any body in my life. At that time I had to do everything for myself. It was hard at first but I had to do it. When I was hungry, I always had to ask people for money to get something to eat. Every time I beg, white people would always throw dirt or beat me with a whip, or make me do something that I did not want to do. As I wake up, I realize that today isn't the year 1700 and I am glad, cause if it were, us black people would be in a lot of trouble. We would be starving and have a hard time to live.

By Kettly Kearney

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WPLadyblack said...

Student reflection on social studies content based free writing and poetry. Students were asked to imagine themselves in constitutional times. What would their world have looked like then? This was one of many great responses.